Prime Vendor for Food Supply

ANHAM, with management services provided by Nour USA, has been named the Prime Vendor for food and personal support products for all military and non-military U.S. Department of Defense personnel in Iraq, Kuwait and Jordan.

As the Prime Vendor, ANHAM will be responsible for accomplishing a logistical task of mammoth proportions. They will provide full-line food vendor for all perishable and semi-perishable food items, all chilled and frozen meat, poultry, produce and dairy products, all fresh and frozen bakery products, all fresh fruits and vegetables, all beverages and juices, and all non-food personal support items for all military and other U.S. funded personnel throughout Iraq, Kuwait and Jordan. To accomplish this mission, they will operate a vast supply network including sources both local and international.

Under the contract, ANHAM and Nour USA must be ready to satisfy an indefinite quantity of orders not only on time and on budget, but under the most extraordinary operating circumstances – whatever they may be. All transportation of containers into and out of Iraq will occur under the supervision of a U.S. Army convoy. The system will rely on ANHAM’s well-proven warehouse facilities and distribution network. Its duties will be universal – from customer service to the execution of airlifts required to meet demand that cannot be met on time by traditional means.